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     The Publishing House “Juridichesky Center–Press” specialises in publishing legal and economic literature. The House publishes several series of book including the textbooks on Civil and Criminal Law, the texts of criminal and commercial codes of different European jurisdictions as well as codes of the former Soviet republics (translated into Russian). The total number of series of books is around 25. The complete list can be found in our on-line book-store.
      The House has a highly professional staff of legal translators.
      One of the unique projects of the House is the series of foreign civil and criminal codes, as well as collections of other foreign legislation, most of which is translated into and published in Russian for the first time. The House has already published Russian editions of criminal codes of most countries of the world, civil codes of Latvia, Georgian, Kazakhstan, and plans to publish German, French, Switzerland civil codes and collection of Israel's civil and commercial laws in 2003.
      The publishing house “Juridichesky Center–Press” welcomes co-operation with Russian and foreign legal writers, lawyers, economists, publishing houses and libraries.
      We would appreciate any suggestions and ideas regarding our books and publishing plans. Please do not hesitate to leave your notes at the Guest Book.

       Contact information:

191 028 Mokhovaya ul. 15, St. Petersburg, Russian Federation
tel.: +7 (812) 327-35-02, (812) 275-88-48
fax: +7 (812) 327-35-01
contact persons: Veronica Chegodar (director), Irina Domenia (sales), Natalie Livshits (editorial board)

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